A 25-Year of quality property restoration sets exteriors apart. We are experts in all forms of renovation and improvement.

With the experience and the skills to transform your property, giving it a new lease of life, enhancing value, as well as protecting you from the elements.


Our vinyl and aluminum siding products protect your home from hard climate; sun, snow, storms, thunderstorms can cause real damage to your house.

Nothing will impact the appearance of your home more dramatically than the type of siding you choose. We sell the material that suits the style of your house and also fits your lifestyle.

Vent Soffit

An unventilated, overheated attic can be improved with soffit vents. Because heat rises, the hottest air is exhausted trough the ridge vents and cooler air is pulled in trough the soffit vents.

Improving ventilation with soffit vents keeps the attic drier, because condensation will not form inside the roof. This reduces damage to the rafters and roof. A cooler attic also means reduced use of the air conditionner in the rest of the house.


Long Lasting Fascia

Improve the appearance of your home with fascia cover. Fascia cover is the forward facing cladding that covers and protects the fascia board from water and the elements, while adding a clean finished look.

As with all our aluminum products it provides a long lasting maintenance free finish.

Styrofoam Insulation

Styrofoam™ is light and waterproof and that makes it ideal as building insulation. Its closed cell structure means that Stryrofoam™ insulation has high R-value. R-value refers to the ability of material to conduct heat. The higher the value a substance has, the more resistant it is to conducting heat.

Proper insulation does not allow heat to transfer into or out of the building and that reduces drafts and lowers heating and cooling costs. This means that a building will stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.