Solutions for existing eavestroughs

Say goodbye to the unpleasant and dangerous job of climbing a ladder to clean your eavestroughs or free yourself of expensive work by professionals. With Alu-Rex Gutter Clean System® you can forget about clogged, overfloaded and warped eavestroughs.

At Rutledge we give you peace of mind, we install the one and only 40 years warranty, made of top-quality aluminum Gutter Clean System®,it will never rust and will not deteriorate.

The Gutter Clean Sytstem™ is a perforated aluminum sheet that attaches on top of any eavestrough that has already been installed on your home. It is invisible from the ground and does not change the look of your home at all; the aesthetic and integrity of your residence is entirely maintained.

With the Gutter Clean System™, you no longer have to worry because it takes care of any possible eavestrough problem. Our system blocks leaves, snow, ice and all sorts of debris from entering your eavestroughs. Since snow and ice cannot enter the eavestroughs, there is less weight that they have to support.

This unique and innovative product is compatible with any type of eavestrough and our professional team can install it in less than half a day.

Water can flow normally inside your eavestroughs all year round as easily as in the summer!

A product of true genius! Thanks to Alu-Perf technology developed by Alu-Rex, the Gutter Clean System™ can handle almost 3-times that amount of rainfall than the most abundant precipitations recorded in Canada and can fight off debris with unrivalled efficiency.

Known throughout the world for several years now, Alu-Rex products have satisfied many thousands of home owners around the world.

Dripping water causes unsightly black lines to from on the front of your eavestroughs. Even worse is if the spike that attach your eavestroughs to your home are rusted, then the aesthetic of your property is seriously diminished.

The most brilliant ideas are always the simplest.

The ingenious design of the leaf guard with the Dura-Clean option is that it deflects dripping water and covers any rusty spikes in your eavestroughs at the same time.

There are 74 different species of mosquitoes in Canada, of which 64 varieties bite humans and domestic animals.

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in moist environments, and if your eavestroughs are retaining stagnant water because they are being blocked by leafs, you risk the possibility of being constantly bombarded by these biting insects. There is no doubt that your eavestroughs affect your comfort and health.

Choose now the worry-free Gutter Clean System™! Contact us for a free assessment of the installation costs.